Frequently asked questions

Q) How often do you clean my windows?

A) For residential customers we clean at 4 or 8 weekly intervals. For commercial clients our cleaning schedule is based on your individual requirements.

Q) What method do you use to clean my windows?

A) We use an environmentally friendly water fed pole system which uses pure de-ionised water.

Q) Do you clean the window frames and sills?

A) Yes - We clean your frames and sills. This ensures that we give you the best clean possible each and every time.

Q) Can you clean my windows above my conservatory?

A) Yes - Using our Water Fed Pole System we can clean windows that are normally difficult to reach including windows up to 3 storeys high without the use of ladders.

Q) Do I need to be at home when you clean my windows?

A) No - If we have your permission to access your property we clean your external windows when you are not at home. We can leave a notice to let you know you that we have been and cleaned your windows.